About Us

The idea of Villapai started from every parent's wish, to offer comfortable and healthy clothing to our kids. One day we had a funny thought – why don't we start making and selling children clothes ourselves. A small thought grew bigger, like a ball of yarn and here we are today, ready to offer your kids everything that we would also want for our kids.

Whilst trying to find clothes for our kids, it seemed to be especially hard to find woollen clothes that would fit well and wouldn't contain any acrylic.
Nice warm knit socks from (grand)parents helped us out, but it didn't solve the whole problem. We couldn't find a place for people to buy local organic products instead of foreign ones. Our dilemma was – if we start importing products from the other side of the world, that will make our ecological footprint bigger, so we decided to offer as much Estonian made products as possible. Villapai knitwear is made purely out of Estonian grown sheep wool and knitted by local women.
We wish to offer only the best quality products for your children, unfortunately, our sweet motherland does not grow all the good (raw) materials, which made us turn our little noses towards the big world. The undergarments made out of fine merino wool and silk we order for Germany.
All the clothes that we sell, have passed the tough comfort test of our own kids. They are still wearing the wool/silk undergarments, they are happily wearing the vests and socks and gloves and cardigans. 

In between founding this company and today, Kadri has become one of the two certified babywearing consultants in Estonia. So obviously, babywearing has become our passion. We offer good, ergonomic carriers in a wide range – from infancy to toddlerhood. Some for those who don't want to spend a lot, and some to those, who are willing to pay a bit more. When you buy a carrier from us, you will also get a half-hour consultation to learn how to use your carrier free of charge! 

In a wish to offer the best for You and Your child,

Iti and Kadri