Smart Carrier black

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Amazonas Smart Carrier has a great quality-price ratio.

It allows you to carry your child ergonomically: the flexible width of the base ensures the frog leg position — so important in the development of the pelvis. The ergonomic, flexible back-piece, which fits baby backs perfectly, promotes a healthy and rounded back.

The SMART CARRIER also has numerous clever features: a flexible, adjustable integrated hood, two detachable shoulder strap protectors, a small pocket on the waistbelt and a handy storage bag to pack away the SMART CARRIER compactly.

The SMART CARRIER is great for wearers too: the continuously adjustable, padded straps and the perfect distribution of baby's weight across your hips allow hours of carrying without back pain. A connection piece between the shoulder straps prevents slipping and makes carrying more comfortable. The wearer can decide between crossing the straps on their back or wearing them at H-position.
  • Waistbelt length: 78 - 145 cm
  • Flexible seat: approx. 26 - 33 cm
  • Age: 0 - 2 years (until baby's legs are supported to mid-thigh)
  • Load capacity: max. 3,5 - 15 kg 
  • Self-weight: approx. 0,55 kg 
  • Weight with box: approx. 1,0 kg 
  • Outer material: 100% cotton
  • Fabric density: approx. 185 g/m²