Villapai's knitwear is handmade, we only use semi-automatic machines on some parts of our bigger products.
These garments are sewn together by hand and the necklines and sleeve-ends are again handknitted. 

We use the wool of the Estonian Native Sheep. Estonian Native Sheep's wool is mostly two-layered - the silky top layer and soft bottom layer under it. For most of the sheep, these two layers appear in different tones/shades, giving the yarn a unique look. Native Sheep's wool is the best warmth provider in our climate, thanks to its warmth and moisture regulating qualities it keeps your child's healthy body temperature. Native Sheep's wool is a warm, water-repellent and breathable material, that absorbs moisture yet feels dry against the skin even in case of contact with water.

Woollen socks for adults

Woollen socks for kids

Woollen White Cardigan

Woollen Grey Vest

Woollen Dark Vest

Woollen White Jumpsuit

Woollen trousers white

Woollen trousers dark

Alpaca hat (one size)

Alpaka knitwear