Barbados Mocca 

The thick material of AMAZONAS hammocks is very solid and carries up to 200 kg! Generous of size Barbados provides an optimum balance of cost and comfort. The quadruple stitched ends and the extra thick 400 g/m² woven material guarantees the highest sturdiness.

Attach one end to your ceiling with PowerHook and the other on the wall with Easy+, or if you have a branch or a beam, or posts and trees, use SmartRope. 

  • Total length: approx. 340 cm
  • Lying surface: approx. 230 x 150 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 200 kg
  • Weight: approx. 1,8 kg
  • Recom. hanging height: approx 180 cm
  • Recom. distance from ground: 40 - 50 cm
  • Recom. distance from two attachment points ca 290 cm

For the coloured hammocks, AMAZONAS uses shredded cotton cloth from textile production.
That is a sensible and eco-friendly way to support sustainable environmental protection.
Fewer cotton fields mean fewer pesticides and more essentials like water for our planet!